A Very Special Single Page from the SpiderMan Comic Book Series Sold for Millions of Dollars


A page of spider-man comics, one of the world’s most famous superheroes, has sold for millions of dollars. This page, from a series released by Marvel in 1984, was important because it was the first time the character’s iconic black costume appeared.

It’s safe to say that superhero comics are very popular around the world. Of course, these comics, which are very popular and appeal to people of all ages, are also adapted to the screen and reach millions of people. Marvel’s Spider-Man is also one of the most beloved comic book characters.

As is known, spiderman’s newest film SpiderMan: No Way Home was released last month. Featuring characters from previous films, it has grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. did and was among the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time. Now a page from comics featuring this much-loved character has been bought for millions of dollars.

Sold at auction for $3.36 million


A page of SpiderMan comics sold for $3.36 million at an auction in Texas, United States. Reports said it belonged to an illustrator named Mike Zeck and page 25 of the 1984 edition of Marvel’s Secret Wars franchise. This number is also the highest price paid for a comic book page. The previous record was $657,000, a 1974 edition of Marvel’s character The Incredible Hulk.

Let’s also give you some information about what this page contains. In this page, written by world-renowned illustrator Mike Zeck, the SpiderMan character wears a black costume (symbiote suit) for the first time. This costume, which also appeared in SpiderMan 3, is of great importance as it will lead to the emergence of Venom, one of the character’s greatest enemies.

In addition, one of the oldest copies of Superman, the world-famous superhero belonging to DC comics, was also released on the same day. This copy, which came out in the late 1930s and was perhaps one of the first steps in the popularization of superheroes, also found a buyer for $3.18 million. No information was shared about who bought the two comics, which sold for millions of dollars.


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