Astronomers Declare War On Satellites


Astronomers at the International Astronomical Union decided to fight the growing number of satellites by joining forces and setting up a center. The center aims to be the voice of the astronomical community.

Today, the satellites that we put into our orbit, which are the building blocks of communication, have become a large crowd in orbit with increasing need and new projects. So much so that the number of satellites active in orbit has doubled since 2019, from 2,200 to 5,000. While SpaceX’s Starlink project played a major role in the number of satellites, it brought with it a lot of controversies.

SpaceX plans to place a total of 42,000 satellites in low orbit as part of its Starlink project, which aims to provide cheap and fast internet to the world. The company has also deployed 2,000 of these satellites. Meanwhile, projects such as SpaceX, As well as OneWeb, and Project Kuiper, show that the number of satellites will increase. But the growing number of satellites poses a major challenge for astronomers. That’s why a brand new center was established last week by the International Astronomical Union (UAU).

The war against the satellites is opening up:


Complaining that satellites disrupted observations from the ground due to reflective light lines, astronomers opened the IAU Center for the Protection of Dark and Silent Skies from the Satellite Constellation Initiative. The center will be able to coordinate international interventions and aim to provide a strong voice for the astronomical community.

Speaking about the importance of the center, Alice Gorman said they are facing a battle between commercial satellite operators and astronomers, with 100,000 new satellites expected in orbit by the end of the next decade alone. Astronomer Alan Duffy said microwave radio telescopes would no longer be able to operate once all of the Starlink satellites were sent into space.


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