Cutting Down Trees After Fire Damages Ecosystem


About 203,000 hectares were burned in fires in Turkey last summer. As greening efforts continued in the fire zones, scientists said cutting down burned trees was damaging the ecosystem.

In the summer of 2021, the wounds of the fires we experienced in 31 provinces of Turkey have not been closed. In the fires that burned 203,000 hectares, not only our forests but also the images that came out, we all had our hearts burned. At the same time, we have witnessed extreme natural phenomena while fires are still raging in our country and many other countries. According to the World Meteorological Organization, we have written about how much disasters have increased in the last 50 years. hence reach.

The images we see after the disasters are etched in the memories of many of us. We write about satellite images of forests before and after the fire hence Browse. Many artists, foundations, institutions, and organizations have launched fundraisers regarding forest fires. Activities for the re-greening of forests continue to be controversial in many countries. The General Directorate of Forestry is also continuing its activities at full speed to cover the wounds of the fire.

The forests could regeneration.


Most of the areas burned in the fire consisted of Redwood forests that evolved to protect themselves from fire. Redwood keeps some of its cones closed for years, hiding its seeds. In case of a possible fire, cones open, and the seeds that mix with the soil become young seedlings again. After the fire, the burned branches are laid on the ground, and redwood seed supplementation is made, the biodiversity of the forest can be preserved and the ecosystem in the area can be maintained.

After the fires, burning trees were cut down in many areas and roads began to open to carry logs in woodlands. Although cutting down burned trees seems logical when viewed economically; Scientists say it’s damaging the ecosystem. Burnt trees benefit biodiversity by providing habitat for many species of insects and birds, and after a while they fall and mix into the soil, supporting the cycle of matter in the ecosystem. Unfortunately, cutting down those trees and planting new artificial saplings in their place is not very beneficial to the ecosystem.

Cutting down burnt trees is damaging the ecosystem


In place of the cut trees, the soil is applied and terraced and new saplings are planted, which leads to the destruction of dozens of plant species and growing saplings that are growing on the soil. For this reason, fire zones should be waited for a while before being reforested after the fire and nature should be allowed to renew itself. Otherwise, our activities will not benefit the ecosystem and will cause harm.


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