Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes, Fortunately Still Can Be Survived From Death

Swallowed for more than half a year

If you are a gamer who happens to also actively raise animals at home, there are times when you need to be prepared to pay attention to their behavior as well as their daily health conditions. Because if you see an animal or anyone who has an emotional closeness with you, you have to die for something, of course, it’s not something that you can feel very easily.

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

The incident that happened to a dog in Scotland named Rocco is arguably quite sad. He was found to have swallowed an object that should be haram for anyone to eat. The new owner realized this after Rocco suddenly lost his appetite and began experiencing symptoms of vomiting. Shortly thereafter, they finally agreed to take Rocco to the vet and find out through x-rays that Rocco had swallowed a physical cassette of a Nintendo DS game that was shaped like a small Cartridge.

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

The owner seemed to feel he did not believe the news. Because at home, they claimed they had never had any Nintendo consoles, let alone the tapes. So from there, it came to the conclusion that Rocco had long swallowed the Nintendo cassette more than 6 months ago when the owner wanted to adapt himself.

Not wanting to see Rocco suffer continuously, the owner was finally willing to let Rocco undergo the surgical removal process of the cassette in his stomach contents. Luckily the operation was a success. Cartridge tapes were successfully removed and Rocco’s life was saved.

Because if not handled as quickly as possible, the doctor said that there would be many internal organs of Rocco that were damaged due to the fact that he could not digest the object that should have been played, not eaten.

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

Whether the cartridge issued is still working or not, it is better if from this incident you always try to keep your various small-sized objects or game accessories from your pet.

This kind of thing is of course very valid for your younger siblings and nieces and nephews as well as toddlers, especially so that the things experienced by Rocco above are never repeated around your life.

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes

Rocco’s life struggle can be an important story if as if through a video game object, our empathy awareness can be awakened to give a kind of message and support that can save many lives. Thank you, Rocco.

Source: Independent

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes, Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes, 

Dog Accidentally Swallows Nintendo Tapes
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