Meta VR Work Under Scrutiny for Violating Competition Rules


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission sued the company earlier this week, alleging that Meta violated competition rules. According to a new report, the commission is currently conducting an in-depth investigation into whether Meta’s VR system is in a similar situation.

Mark Zuckerberg’s head never gets rid of lawsuits and problems. Earlier this week, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that Meta was taking action to prevent competition. he filed an antitrust lawsuit. Moreover, this case involved the removal of Instagram and WhatsApp from the company. Now word has spread that the commission is investigating Meta’s VR system in-depth for the same reason. (Antitrust: Government research policy on a company’s actions to prevent competition)

The commission and several state attorneys are investigating the company that Meta’s new virtual reality unit contains potentially anti-competitive material, Bloomberg reported. The state-level investigation says lawyers and the commission are talking to developers who are developing apps in Meta’s VR experience.

Meta allegedly engages in anti-competitive actions to be unbeatable in the VR market


State and federal officials are investigating Meta’s VR system, suggesting the company could take anti-competitive action. According to reports, Meta has provided financial support to consumers to buy the Quest 2 VR headset and wants to keep other firms out of competition.

The Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of Meta’s app store, hardware and software applications also signals that there could be a significant antitrust case that defines the next era of the company’s acquisitions and internet businesses.

What do you think of Meta? Do you think this Meta case is biased or should it be investigated in the wake of the Facebook case for Zuckerberg’s past violation of personal rights?


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