Metaverse Patent Revealed That Facebook Will Make Money Even From Expressions On Your Face


Facebook, or Meta as it’s called, has patented some of the technologies it intends to use in the metaverse future. Patents, especially those approved this month, feature some surprising technologies.

In October last year, Facebook unveiled its metaverse project, the next breakthrough that will radically change today’s world. In the same presentation, the company announced that it had changed its new name to ‘Meta’, and filed some patent applications showing how it plans to bring the metaverse dream to the real world.

These patent applications, first seen by The Financial Times, offered ideas ranging from Meta’s user-oriented apps to ads that would provide a large portion of its revenue. Let’s look at meta’s ideas through his patents to shape the future.

Your pupil movements and facial expressions will be monitored


Several of the patents obtained by Meta and published on January 11 focus on instantly tracking users’ eyes and faces. According to the patents, this tracking system will be able to go down to the pupils of the users. All data on the eye and face will be collected with small cameras and sensors in the VR headset.

A statement will be proposed according to your situation


Another patent, which depends on the instant tracking of users’ faces, is on adapting media content according to users’ facial movements. In this context, a statement proposal will be automatically offered according to the context of the user, i.e. speech, profile, location of his device, events in his calendar, etc.

There will be wearable magnetic sensors


Another patent applied for is about the wearable magnetic sensor system placed on the body. Thanks to this wearable sensor, users’ body poses can be monitored instantly. That way, your character in the virtual universe will do exactly what you do.

Forget creating avatars, you’ll be able to put yourself right into the universe

Another patent would make it very easy for users to create their unique avatars. Users will be able to move their views into the digital world in 3D thanks to a system called avatar personalization engine. For this, the system will take advantage of your photos and several tools, such as a tool called a ‘skin imitator’. The resulting avatar will be extremely realistic.

Metaverse, of course, will be a publicity paradise

Mark Zuckerberg explained that they aimed to make the titles they would produce low-priced, but this was also a precursor to advertising. That’s exactly what a patent revealed. The patent explains that Meta can show personalized ads in the virtual world based on a person’s age, gender, interests, and how they interact with the social media platform.

Another patent showing Meta’s solution to monetization was about sponsoring the appearance of an object in the virtual world. According to this patent, a product or item within a digital store can be shown to users in a sponsored manner.

These patents, which Meta shows that he plans to rule the world, do not mean that these technologies will come into our lives with a cut.


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