Real Estate Sales at Metaverse Expected to Rise to Billions of Dollars in 2022


Analytics firm MetaMetric Solutions said metaverse real estate sales reached 501 million last year across four major platforms. In addition, the company said it expects that number to double this year to $1 billion.

No one has heard of the concept of Metaverse, which has been quite popular recently. These virtual universes, where many companies and people invest billions of dollars, are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it is becoming so popular that pilgrimage, watching virtual concerts, starting a business in the Metaverse has become something we hear more and more. As it is known, real estates such as virtual land in such digital environments are at the top of this craze.

Metaverse land is also very popular in Turkey. Previously, you and I received the most land from Turkey’s OVRLand Metaverse platform even went further, and some people put metaverse land up for sale through we shared. In other words, the popularity of such real estate has increased both in Turkey and around the world. New news also suggests that the situation will grow even bigger this year and could rise to unbelievable levels.

Metaverse real estate sales could reach $1 billion


According to MetaMetric Solutions, an analytics firm, metaverse platforms have increased significantly over the past year. Noting the four major metaverse platforms sandbox, decentral and, cryptovoxels, and somnium, the company has more than half a billion in 2021; that is, $501 million of virtual real estate sales took place.

MetaMetric Solutions said in a statement that these sales have increased significantly this year, doubling; He added that he expects it to reach $1 billion. Brand Market Research, a London-based market research firm, said in a report that it expects the metaverse property market to have a compound annual growth rate of 31% from 2022 to 2028. This has shown that virtual land investments, which are ‘absurd’ to many people, can show significant growth.

‘Trillions of dollars of opportunity’

Let’s also add that many individuals and institutions see metaverse as a trillion-dollar opportunity. Global investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley said in a statement that they estimated the metaverse could be an $8 trillion market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said they saw the metaverse’s potential as high; that’s why they made investments as a company. Haim Israel, a strategist at Bank of America, a giant financial services company, also said cryptocurrencies could be used in the metaverse, calling these virtual universes a great opportunity.

Even so, millions of people still can’t understand how much money is being paid into assets we don’t have physical access to. Already experts believe it is too early for the metaverse to reach the expected level, and therefore some malicious people may use these platforms for events such as fraud and money laundering and warns.


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