Sony Shares Crash as Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Activision


Microsoft shocked the gaming industry and business with its surprise “We’re buying Activision” announcement yesterday, while Sony’s shares hit the wall. Sony’s shares lost nearly 14% of their value following the news.

The gaming world was in for a big surprise yesterday, which was actually expected, but when it was not known when it would arrive. Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in the gaming industry in recent years, is making its biggest investment in the business. announced. The company was to buy Activision Blizzard, the world’s largest game distributor, according to a report on the Microsoft site.

Activision will be acquired for $68.7 billion, Microsoft said in a statement. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, it was stated that all games within Activision and, as such, all studios within Activision will be incorporated into Microsoft. Microsoft also announced plans to add these games to Game Pass, further delighting all players. The news has affected Microsoft’s biggest competitor in the gaming world.

Sony’s shares fall nearly 15%


With the news that Microsoft will buy Activision, shares of Sony, the world’s second-largest gaming company, have literally crashed. Prior to the surprise news, Sony’s share value was at 14,230 Japanese yen ($124), down from 12,410 ($108) following the news. In total, there was a loss of nearly 14%.

Microsoft, which acquired one of the most established and successful companies in the gaming industry, announced that when the acquisition was completed, it would become the 3rd largest gaming company in the world. Microsoft has spent $102 billion to buy only three companies in the last five years, including this acquisition, two of which were gaming companies (Activision and Bethesda).

We look forward to seeing what Microsoft has to offer with this massive gaming power, and how Sony will challenge Microsoft for years to come. The gaming world seems to benefit greatly from quality gaming and some of the blessings that will come out of this competition in the coming years.


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