YouTube Is Working on NFT Features


According to a statement from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, the platform is working on the NFT to generate additional revenue for creators. As for the details of the system, there is not much information yet.

Twitter, Facebook, now YouTube. As you know, Twitter is one of the platforms that stands out very much in the NFT. In fact, I’ve been a brand new feature it’s been announced. There are also some NFT features from the Instagram and Facebook fronts the news had come in Now a similar move is coming from YouTube. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that YouTube is also working to get into the NFT business.

Several YouTubers had actually converted and sold their already viral videos to the NFT. For example, a viral video of a baby named ‘Charlie Bit Me biting the other baby’s finger’ was converted into an NFT, costing $761,000 last year. it was sold. YouTube has reportedly been working in this direction and is working on systems that are more open to NFT opportunities.

‘It will provide additional revenue to creators’


In a post on YouTube’s company blog, Wojcicki said creators are working on a system in which NFT will integrate to generate additional revenue. “As we continue to empower and enhance creators and fans’ experiences on YouTube, we are always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators take advantage of emerging technologies such as NFT’s,” Wojcicki said in a statement. he gave his statements.

Wojcicki said YouTube sees Web 3.0 as an inspiration and noted the NFT; he said possible NFT’s were on the way. The company did not provide any additional information other than what we mentioned. So we don’t yet know what kind of feature NFT will come up with on YouTube. And to find out, it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer.


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